Hearts Too Soon Made Glad

In Robert Browning’s well known poem My Last Duchess, Browning gradually reveals his speaker to be a dangerously controlling husband who, wounded by his former wife’s perceived flirtations, has her killed. In the duke’s thinly veiled confession, he wrestles poignantly… Continue Reading →

Ben Carson’s Violent Crime Survival Tipsheet

Before attempting to aid victims of violence ask if they might prefer to be judged.

Q&A: Why Truck Nuts?

A Proponent of Truck Nuts Has His Say  

MST3K Trivia: Evelyn M. Duvall

“The flow of life blurs the shadow of death as we glimpse the sublime in many an early moment. Life is good and we feel blessed to be part of it.” Evelyn Duvall

Sometime around 2009, the number of women achieving Ph.D's in the US eclipsed the number of men for the first time following a decades-long trend. That it wasn't always so isn't just anecdotal; i...

Mystery Science Theater as A Cultural Archive

Today the front page of the Endangered Languages Project’s web site features Koro, a Sino-Tibetan dialect that is spoken by fewer than four thousand in an obscure corner of mountainous northeast India. Endangered Languages seeks to preserve languages like Koro,… Continue Reading →

Irving Fine

One celebrated composer once complimented the "elegance, style, finish [and] convincing continuity" of a composer known to far fewer. It was Aaron Copland talking about Irving Fine, and he coul...

7th Graders Get to Know Their Sub

How long were you in college? About six years. Can I go to the bathroom? Wait until the last person gets back, please. Maybe they already came back? Maybe they never left. I suppose there’s no way to tell. Are… Continue Reading →

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